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MUMIAN Beijing Daxing International Airport
No.2Yuanjing Road,Beijing Daxing International Airport,Daxing District,Beijing,China

Our hotel was designed by Ray Chen, a renowned Asian architecture designer, who also participated in designing tens of Eslite Bookstore sites. Inspired by “a study for travelers,” he created a brand-new accommodation environment and tried to allow travelers to experience the flow of time in a world where people are surrounded by technologies. Traditional aesthetics and modern concepts are integrated to immerse the journey in the perfect balance of time, space, light, shadow, lines, color and nature.
Our hotel has 470 guest rooms and suites. The hotel has more than 2,400 square meters of conference and banquet space, including a grand banquet hall with an area of 1,100 square meters, which can be flexibly divided into two halls according to guests' needs, as well as two multi-function halls and 12 conference rooms.

Life is a journey, as one observes and encounters with the world and meets the truest self; life is also about reading, as one watches the globe during every trip. Welcome to the Beijing Daxing International Airport, dubbed the first of the “seven wonders of the modern world,” and welcome to the “book collection pavilion” favored by oriental literati. As a pioneer of advocating hotels featuring “cultural aesthetics, life with sensations,” Mumian Beijing Daxing International Airport will take you on a warm journey.


As kapok flowers bloom, the fragrance of poems and books also comes. This part, covering an area of 2,488 square meters, is a comprehensive culture and creation section, and also a humanistic private place full of life sentiment and aesthetic feelings, guarding the agile talents rippling during your journey. It integrates the functions of books, culture and creative articles, an art exhibition salon, light food, floral art, beauty care and tea culture. You will enjoy yourself climbing the stairs, which is like mounting to the high place of your spirit. A spiral staircase with senses of design is another popular landmark for locals.


X-Studio Art Space regularly holds themed exhibitions of outstanding artists, focusing on the concept of open artist workshops, and is committed to create an avant-garde art space and trendy culture with pioneer artists and cross-border art brands.


A cultural area with a collection of more than 10,000 books, including many world-famous ones, both ancient and modern in astronomy, geography, literature, art, philosophy, history and other fields. The exquisite binding gives you visual pleasure and enables you to hold your breath and immerse yourself in books. The area uses the cultural genes of the books to retain the cultural and artistic meaning of your journey.


There are nearly 200 instrument switches, each key has a different function, all the operation logic is exactly the same as the real aircraft, has the landscape of more than 300 airports around the world, and can show the scenery of different time periods and different weather. Put on the ceremonial captain's uniform, the handsome pilot guide personally, understand the unknown flying knowledge, realize your childhood aviation flying dream.
You can also purchase aircraft peripheral products.


Beautiful residence with books comes with a comfortable journey.
Four different business scenes have been created here – ordering a cup of latte and receiving guests in the aroma of coffee. Appreciate vinyl records and talk in melody of notes; sit down at a long table and deal with urgent matters; or sit on a sofa in a quite zone, which is suitable for both working and meeting friends.


For you, who might well just start your journey, a mini travel agency will recommend popular travel routes and customize a travel guide for you. MUMIAN to go also provides you with articles which you plan to bring in your journey, offering you fun of shopping. For you, who are about to set foot on your way home, this area will present a dazzling variety of specialties and souvenirs, and everything you see can be a good gift.


This is a paradise for stationery lovers. Delicate diary books, ingenious letter paper and creative bookmarks will satisfy your collection addiction. It is also a meaning of travel to bring back some unique objects, as they improve your temperament and taste without too much expenditure.


Life needs careful arrangements, so does travel. Find yourself a healthy light meal, send a bunch of beautiful flowers to your beloved one and enjoy local fresh fruits and snacks, in a bid to add splendor to your poetic journey.

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Getting Here
It is only 300 meters away from the airport.
30 minutes’ drive from Beijing South Railway Station
800 meters walk from Daxing Airport Express Rail
car park & basement car park
+86(10)8169 1234
No.2Yuanjing Road,Beijing Daxing International Airport,Daxing District,Beijing,China
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